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At Livin, we believe in unleashing the transformative power of the insurance shared value model.

Healthier Life

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Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with rewards and fulfillment as you embark on your wellness journey with Livin. From personalized fitness plans to expert nutrition guidance, we equip you with the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support necessary to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Every step you take towards a healthier lifestyle is met with well-deserved rewards.​
is at the heart of Livin. We understand that different individuals have distinct needs. That's why we offer specialized profiles to cater to unique situations. Whether you're managing diabetes or pre-diabetes, pursuing weight loss, entering your golden years, or embracing the beautiful journey of pregnancy, we have tailored support and guidance just for you. Experience a program that understands your specific requirements and adapts accordingly. Join Livin today and unlock a world of personalized support and unparalleled success!​
We encourage regular health checks and prioritize preventive care, ensuring that our members have access to comprehensive health assessments. By taking proactive measures and emphasizing early detection, we contribute to a healthier population and alleviate the burden on healthcare systems.​

Our Shared Value Model