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The first approved inhaled covid-19 vaccine (CanSino)

The first approved inhaled covid-19 vaccine (CanSino)

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  • The first approved inhaled covid-19 vaccine (CanSino)

“Interim recommendations for use of the CanSino BIO Ad5-nCoV-S [recombinant] vaccine (Convidecia™) against COVID-19” Interim guidance First issued 19 May 2022 by the World Health Organization (WHO) about the regulations for the use of the first inhaled covid-19 vaccine approved by China.

WHO states that the vaccine is effective and can be used safely among the population aged 18 and older, of course, the priority remains for the elderly, healthcare staff, and immunocompromised people. The vaccine is safe to be administered during breastfeeding but there is no sufficient data available regarding its safety in pregnancy.

WHO mentions that some cases of Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia syndrome (a very rare syndrome of blood clotting accompanied by low platelet counts) have been reported. However, the benefit of the vaccine still outweighs the risk of TTS, and more evidence is needed to confirm the relationship between the vaccine and TTS.

It is noteworthy to mention that the data suggests that the effect of the vaccine against transmission is limited. Therefore, WHO emphasizes the need to adhere to the safety measures like wearing masks, physical distancing, and avoiding crowds.

You can find the full article in the link below:

Interim recommendations for use of the Cansino Ad5-nCoV-S vaccine (Convidecia ®) against COVID-19 (